The Gentleman look is back!

In matters concerning
presentation, the contemporary
gentleman expects the same
levels of refinement, finesse,
and meticulous attention to detail
from the accoutrements he
wears as he puts into
his own appearance.

In recognition of these

requirements, ZWB
is proud to announce the
expansion of it’s popular
Gentleman Collection
to reflect the sophisticated

tastes of today’s image
conscious gentleman. 

In combining classical design
influences from the stylistic
1950s era with the attributes
of fine watchmaking and
diligent workmanship,

successfully achieved it’s
objective with the superb new
collection of fine timepieces.

However, in offering this tempting

choice of quintessential style in
the classic 
three-hand watch,
or a more sporting look

with the chronograph option;
the Gentleman Collection poses
the perennial dilemma
- which one to wear?

With the expanded Gentlemen
vintage watch line,
has created a collection that
meets every requirement,
successfully emphasizing the
contemporary tastes of the
twenty-first century gentleman. 

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ZWB homepage
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